My favorite time of the year is Christmas. Well my birthday, then Christmas (since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, technically it comes first). I love the holiday season and the feeling of love. It’s beautiful. It’s the time of the year that you try to work on communicating with your loved ones, and helping others. It’s a time of service, without any compensation. It’s a time of love and joy and fun. It’s a time for physical healing. I’ve been lately trying to work out more, and eat healthier. Two of my new healthy drinks are green tea and hot lemon water. They help your system get back in balanced. Balance is key to staying healthy and staying happy. Take time to do little things with people you love. There is always time, and a time and a place for everything. Find yourself. It’s an amazing journey to be honest with you. Learn who you are. It sounds silly, but it’s so simple to lose yourself. Meeting your inner self, your inner child, is almost like meeting a different person. Make sure you take your time. Running from your past, and things that you cannot control is not a good idea. Take each day as a blessing and breathe. Sleep. Don’t forget about sleeping, but you cannot sleep away your problems. Stay brave. Listen to the music, drink some tea, and mediate. Trust me, it’ll do wonders.


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