Happy Black Friday! I just wanted to take a moment and recognize all that I believe is worth being thankful for. As events happen that shape your life, they are helping you grow. Be thankful for those events, good and bad, at make you the person you are today. It’s important to learn from your past, so that you can move on with your future. Make peace with your past. It’s one of the first steps in self-love. Specifically, I’m thankful for my family (special shoutout to my momma), friends and my first love. I’ve learned a lot through the relationships I’ve had with my friends, et cetera and I’m grateful for that. I believe that if you reflect on your past, you will be more successful in your future. Take this holiday season to let everyone who is special to you know that they have impacted you. Everyone is placed on your path for a reason. Allow yourself to communicate effectively and love yourself the most. You’re the best version of yourself, love yourself. Accept change with open arms. Stay happy.

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