Your health is the most important thing. When you are healthy, you get to enjoy your life more. Enjoying everyday is how you can start being happy. Just know that you have to go love your body for your body to function properly. You only get one body, and a huge part of self-love. You deserve to treat your body as you would want to someone else to treat you. Your body is your own temple. I try to eat healthier, foods without the hormones, pesticides, et cetera.  Treat your body healthy. Release the stress of your past. Move on and stay happy. You really just have to release the need to control. It’s for the best. Sometimes you need to just rest, but you cannot sleep your problems away (yes I’ve tried and woke up still with the problems). Surround yourself with positivity, so that you will be healthier and happier. Sometimes it’s better for your health to stop talking to those who aren’t good for you. You need to focus on yourself and your health. Being healthy is more than just eating organic or healthier, it’s a lifestyle, it’s loving yourself.


(This is for Justin)

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