At a certain point you think that you are entitled to something. Whether it be the new coat that you want, the new phone that just came out, or the relationship you desire. You think that you deserve a better grade or to be happier, even though you don’t want to work for it. Everything you want in life requires some sort of give (you give and you get). For example, you have to be cooperative in order to communicate effectively. One thing that is necessary to learn in order to be happy is you CANNOT control others. You cannot make someone do anything, say anything or react the way you desire. You are only in control of how you communicate and how much time you spend on the matter. You can either be proactive or reactive. You can make whatever decisions you want, because your path is different than your siblings or friends. You are in control of only the things you can do. If there is one thing, we need to learn is to go with the flow. You are not entitled to a text back, or phone call back (which is why I’ve said that you’re lucky if I text you back, because I don’t have to, and if I do I genuinely want to communicate with you). You are only entitled to be happy. And only you can allow yourself to be loved, by yourself (and others) and release the old in order to be happy. My motto is “I will be happy”.  Okay that’s one of my sayings, I have a lot of sayings. My favorite saying is probably “It’ll all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.” Place positive thoughts and ideas into the universe, and watch them manifest into a reality. Think positively. You need to let go of the need to control and your ego’s desire to say “you’re entitled”. Ego is a powerful thing and it is often said that too much power is bad. Yes, you should be confident in your abilities and genuinely stay happy but your ego should be at a level where it does not hinder your ability to communicate. You get in life what you are willing to work for. Good things don’t just come because you sit and think that life is horrible. Life is a precious gift, just so that is clear to everyone. Good things come to those who decide that they are worth it, and work for it. Inside success lies happiness, so be happy and allow yourself to be the best, most successful version of yourself. Stay positive.

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