End of Relationships

We all know that eventually at some point, a relationship can come to an end. Whether that’s after a falling out, an affair, communication issues or anything of that nature. My suggestion is to get rid of the tension. You don’t have to hate the person, and you really shouldn’t. In most relationships (friendships included) you love the other person. The hate that you have for them after the end of the relationship is just the pain you’re feeling. I think it’s silly to hate the other person, because it’s easy to be cordial, and even be friends. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to cope with the loss of the relationship, while you are on your journey to find yourself. Yes it will take work and effort afterwards to become friends after it’s “over”, but it is possible. I suggest you love yourself the most, and surround yourself with love and life. And yes that means you will be in touch with your feelings and you probably still will love the other person. Just because something comes to an end doesn’t mean you wanted it to. It just means it’s time, because that part of your life is over. It’s all in divine order and eventually it will be okay. If you would like a friendship post-relationship I suggest you communicate it. It won’t hurt to try, and know that the other person may very well have shut you out of their life. You have to be okay with all of the possibilities to every decision. Change is inevitable, so allow your relationship to grow or end as it should. Be full of love and life and you will always end up happier.

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