Winter Hair

As the cold approaches, we all know that it can totally damage your hair. The air becomes more crisp, and if scarves and hats are not your hair’s friends. My suggestion is: oil, wrap and protective style. It’s currently what I’m trying now. I’m currently on a journey to grow out my hair (the progress is beautiful). I have been using a little (like a drop, rubbing it in my hands, wiping it on my towel and then applying) of coconut oil to the ends of my hair. I love coconut oil because it’s supposed to seal your ends. But the most effective non-oil I have is Silk by Design Essentials. It helps really with shedding. Winter months allow for a lot of shedding, due to lack of moisture (besides the shedding period your hair will naturally go through as new growth comes in). Don’t forget about drinking more water! Water helps to moisture your hair, and increasing your daily intake can really show results. I also have started to wrap my hair which helps. Wrapping spreads the oils among your scalp so it keeps your hair moisturized. Protective styling also helps because your ends are tucks. I love the styles with protective styling too. Wrapping, oiling and protective styling can really help grow your hair out if you do it right. Watch the amount of oil too, I use barely any because no one wants to walk around with super oily hair. Lengthen the time in between washes. It will allow your hair to keep the natural oils longer. I hope this helps! Feel free to comment your results!

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