Must Haves

My friends make fun of the fact that I carry everything in my purse. I love big purses. Well really I love purses in general. I think that my love for bags started when I was little. I was always the “bag lady”. After all these years I’ve just about got it down packed for what I need in a bag. Okay well what I can carry if I have a big bag. Here are my basic lists, on what normally stays in my bag day to day.

Small Bag:
Burt’s Bees, Lip gloss, wallet, keys, cheetah mirror, hand sanitizer (on my bag), tissues, lotion

Big Bag:
Burt’s Bees, EOS, inhaler, wallet, keys, glasses, nail file (cheetah), sunglasses, barrattes, hand sanitizer, lotion, hand cream, pony tail holders, nude headband, glasses case (if I’m wearing my contacts).

I hope this helps!

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