After doing some reading, I found out that my nails are damaged due to the use of acetone (frequently). I used to paint my nails like every three days, and I’ve currently stopped. I’m currently trying out a combination of VitaSurge and Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen. I started the VitaSurge last Saturday and the Hard as Nails Friday. The progress isn’t really showing, but I feel better with the glossy nail look (even though I miss my plain nails a little, I got used to them). I love doing nails ( to the point where people are like “Mayah you should do my nails!”). I think that it’s important to focus on your nail health though. Your nails are a part of your body too. Pamper yourself, and decide that you are worth looking how you aspire to look. Take care of your body, physically and emotionally. A simple two coats (and a top coat) of your favorite color nail polish can brighten your mood. Remember that you control your happiness. Start by taking care of you.

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