I’ll be honest I’m currently struggling with my hair. I recently tried looser curls. Which basically ended up straight, so it’s straight now. I love straight hair on other people, but it’s just bland on me. I prefer my curls. I watched YouTube videos today on how to wrap your hair in a scarf (like a pashmina) and I did that. Then I was talking to one of my friends about it, and I really stopped and realized that I was hiding my hair. I went and took the scarf down, and ended up wearing my hair down with a side part and a small clip on my left side. I decided that I really need to show that I love my hair. I also sat and watched the I love my hair video from Sesame Street, which always makes me smile. Everyone should love their hair, no matter the length or texture (it still needs to be soft though). I share this story to say don’t hide yourself. Embrace your body. Love your body and your hair. The more and more you say you love your body and your hair, the more of a reality it will become. Think and say positive things, so you will get positive results. Stay beautiful.

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