Everyone has a  battle going on inside of them. Some battles are sillier than others, like the battle that you have inside between wearing a blue shirt or a white shirt. You end up deciding to wear the blue shirt, then the battle is over (unless of course you decide later you wish you would’ve worn white). In order to have peace within yourself, you have to decide to release some of the doubt that you have. Every decision you make will have an effect so just keep in mind what you’re doing. Try to think 10 seconds before you speak. What I try to do is think about what I’m going to say before I start talking, because if I don’t I often end up making bad decisions and dealing with consequences. You have to learn to deal with the consequences though, you can’t just run away or act like it never happened. Release the situation, your feelings, et cetera back to the light and allow yourself to truly become at peace. Being at peace is one of the best feelings. A goal for everyone should be to try to be at peace as often as possible. You can’t let others stress you out, or affect your emotions. You are in control of your own life, so act like it. It’s time for you to decide that you need to be happy. A new month is starting soon, which is another new beginning. Set goals for yourself. One last thing, make sure you don’t force happiness. Genuine happiness should just come. But you have to be the one to allow happiness to come to you. Stay positive, the battle isn’t as bad as it seems.

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