Social Group

I really think friends are important. For support, someone to talk to, et cetera. Who you choose to associate with outside of work or school says something about your personality. Friends are supposed to click; friends have stuff in common that makes your communication (somewhat) successful. School friends (and work friends) are what I like to call associates. You’re close to them somewhat, but not close enough to call when it’s 12 am and your “whole world” has come crashing down (and no these are not fun experiences per say but they are important). Friends are the ones you call when stuff goes wrong, right and just to check up on. You need to be a friend to have a friend. People get placed into your life, and (somewhat) you get to chose their place. The issue starts when they get out of there place, or start being sneaky or lying or just talking too much. Both of my closest friends, where both somewhat given to me. Just by coincidence, I “knew”both of them but we happened to start talking and now I have two of the most fabulous best friends. They are both going to be shocked I’m blogging about them, but I’m extremely grateful for both of them. Friends support you, love you for you and help you. And you are to reciprocate that. I know I haven’t always been the best of a friend, but I’m working on it. Conversations need to happen on what will make each friendship (relationship) better. There should be openness for discussions. If you can’t open up to your “best” friend, you need to reevaluate your relationship. I know that everyone needs a friend, so be a friend.


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