As you all know, communication is extremely important in any sort of relationship you may have. Every being has to interact with another being for survival. But in this case, we are talking about communicating for satisfaction. Satisfaction meaning communicating with someone who makes (made, could make) you happy. You talk to the people in your inner circle because they bring out emotions in you that you like (and if you aren’t happy you need to make a change). You have to talk to other people. It’s inevitable. When someone tries to communicate with you it’s part of your job to communicate back. Every relationship has expectations (which should be clear, cut and outlined) and if you wish to continue the relationship you must comply. If you have any issues with the expectations reevaluate why you are in the situation (at this point you need to also identify your happiness level, keeping in mind that you are to be happy almost always). Space is also important (you can read all about my view on space in relationships under my blog post titled conveniently “Space”). Keep in mind that in every relationship there are two people, two different minds (and mindsets), two different pasts, two paths and two futures. You are not always going to get along with someone, especially as you grow closer (and if there are communication issues that just makes harder than it needs to be). Minimize confusion by communicating. I hope this really helps everyone understand that if you want to stay in any relationship you HAVE to communicate. It’s inevitable. And if you don’t like communicating, remove yourself from the situation, it’s simple. The decision here is simple. Think on what you would like to do in your relationship (keeping mind that every time you leave a room, you may try to return and the door may very well be closed) and make the best decision possible. At this time Mercury is in retrograde. Retrograde is a period of time, that comes a few times a year that has to do with astrology and communication. It makes things more difficult to communicate during these periods. Have patience with everyone around you keeping in mind that by the end of October communication should (hence the word should meaning it might not be) back to normal. Make the decision to be happy, whether that means continuing to communicate with the person or not communicating with them. Happiness is most important.


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