Apps I love

Messages. Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Notes. WordPress. We Heart It. papayah’ blog. Flipboard. My top social apps. Personally I don’t even really think messages counts as an app, because it’s installed but it’s in my social folder. I love the Kim Kardashian game (I’m finally an A lister). I’m pretty new to the game, and I always forget to finish my photoshoots. I hope that I’ll climb up Kim’s social latter soon. I also have WordPress, it is mostly just to read others blogs and check my stats (I hardly ever do). Notes are where I write a lot, especially when I’m without service (last plane ride I wrote so much). I love weheartit, that’s where I get most of my pictures from for my blogs, as well as my lock screens. It’s one of Tumblr’s sister apps. Flipboard is one of my new favorites, it’s where I get to read a lot and see what’s going on. I was playing on one of my friends phones, and signed up for it. I installed it after I reset my phone. I like that you can have magazines that you create. I have some of photography, world news, hair, etc. I like to stay connected. It’s also linked to my Twitter, which works because I don’t have Twitter on my phone. Last but certainly not least, I have the bookmark for my blog. Just about after every post I check it, to make sure it looks right. I actually like reading my blog occasionally, especially the older ones because I don’t always remember 100% what each blogs says. I recommend you try some of my favorite apps!


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