I’m a control freak. I’ll admit it because I have been my whole life. I like people to do what’s right and in the past have been very closed-minded. Over time I’ve realized that being open-minded allows you to have so many more experiences that are positive.  You have to be willing to allow people to do as they please (and give them space). One of the downsides to caring is the over-thinking. One day I saw this tweet and it said “I can think myself into a bad mood”. This is very true. You end up thinking to much and trying to make something better (which may or may not work). You have to realize that you cannot control what anyone else is going to do or say to you. Take the high road. I know it’s hard and I end up arguing when I could have  just ignored the situation. I’m learning though (it’s my lesson) and I hope that I can give you insight so that you can learn from my mistakes. There’s always going to be someone you aren’t fond of and the feeling may very well be mutual. You just have to remember that arguing back doesn’t solve anything nor does deciding you won’t communicate with the person. You have to become calm, think it out and then react. There is a fine line between thinking and over-thinking. It’s hard to distinguish the two but eventually you learn when you are starting to feel differently. Don’t allow your emotions to be controlled by another individual. You are in control of yourself and your actions. Everyone makes mistakes, therefore taking pity on yourself is a waste of time. Allow yourself to learn from all experiences and remember that there is a divine order you may not be aware of. Release the need to control and you will start being happy. You have to allow happiness to enter your heart and your life. Sometimes it might seem scary but know that it’s a safe move. There are only two options, to move forward or backwards, and moving forward in happiness and health seems like it would be the better choice. Releasing doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be easy. Make it easy. Release control.


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