Every relationship needs space. Space is healthy and really just allows you to think about yourself. I don’t mean that in vain, it’s positive. You have to allow yourself alone time to think. Light thinking of course, such as thinking about what you’d like the relationship to become. Over-thinking can be toxic to any relationship you have. Remember to trust, love and have patience in all relationships. You have to take time to see if you are happy alone. Be honest with yourself. Yes, of course, the other person will cross your mind, so prepare for that. You should really take the time to soul search. See if you would like to continue the relationship. Many have suggested that when you take a break, you have to announce it. Unexpected breaks allow you to see how the person really feels though. You can see if they will make attempts to contact you. Expected breaks can also allow for formations of new relationships, so if you are okay with that go ahead with the break. Be considerate of everyone else’s feelings also. You cannot just decide to no longer care about their feelings, even if they don’t care about yours. Being the bigger person is not always easy but in the end it’s the better path. Do not seek revenge. Revenge and jealousy are ugly, negative and nasty emotions. Be happy with your new place in life and wish the other person the best. I suggest you think about happiness. You should want the other person to be happy, as much as possible. Just like you want them to think about your happiness. So you should acknowledge that if they are not happy with you, they could be happier with someone else. Allow them to move on, it’s always for the best. If it is meant to be it will happen. Keep in mind that you deserve the best as does your other. Be considerate and kind, it will get you farther in life than you’ll ever imagine.


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