Occasionally things happen that you do not appreciate. Keep in mind that you are on a path. Let’s take a moment to talk about relationships. All relationships take compromises, love, trust and patience. You need to remember that both of you are to be happy a vast majority of the time. I say majority because it is unrealistic to be happy all of the time. Due to the fact that we are all on separate paths and have lessons to learn. Some lessons are harder than others, but remember that all is well and in divine order. I challenge you to open your heart and your mind. Clear your aura, release the old and accept the new. It will all be okay. Remember that there are different ways to do something. In addition to that, stay honest. Honest with yourself, with everyone at all times it will make you happy more often than not. Do not let anyone control your emotions or your happiness. This doesn’t mean that people will not try to control you, they will, but remember not to stoop down to their level. You are positive, beautiful, loving, willing to be loved, open and accepting. Allow your energy to stay positive, so that you will stay above their low energy level. Live your life full of happiness and love. Be happy. Love is all around you and in your heart.


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