Protective Styling

Protective styling is probably one of my favorite things. I love my hair and you should love yours. You have to learn to love (or deal with) taking care of it. One way I do that is by protective styling. The true definition of a protective style is when your hair is styled with the ends of your hair tucked away. When I protective style I try not to use rubber bands or barrettes in general. I normally either halo braid or twist my crown. The best way to do this is either part across the middle or down the middle so that you are able to get all of your hair. If you just twist around the edges you’ll miss the middle (and trust me, that’s horrible especially when your hair is curly). I also knot my hair: I bun it, then add another barrette around the bun, shrinking it’s size. I try to either wear my hair in protective styles because I’m trying to grow it out. My hair recently got healthier due to frequent deep conditioning treatments, drinking lots of water, and protective styles. I tried to wear my hair down a lot, due to the fact that I didn’t always want to pull my hair into a style (and after I cut it in January it was too short). I think that protective styles are a great idea for second day hair. Pineappling has never worked for me. Which means I’ll either cowash in the morning (if my hair isn’t straight) or just add enough conditioner and water to my dry curls to style it. I also tried twists over the summer and I loved them (when they were wet). I’m eager to try bantu knots on dry hair. I tried them once before with wet hair. And even though after washing I waited two hours before putting the bantu knots in, they were still wet when I woke up. I tried this great new product by Design Essentials called Silk, which is a moisturizer without oil that penetrates the hair cuticle to help manage hair. It’s great, it helps me when I roll my hair (I don’t use it every day) after the curls have really fallen. It leaves my hair looking nice, without the oily look from their Botanical Oil. I also got some new Shea Moisture products I’m so excited to try. Remember: love your hair. Happy styling!


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