We are not totally in control of our destinies. There are some things that are meant to happen and they will. As I talked about in my last blog, I hope you all are letting go and seeing the truth in your relationships. Remember that you do not have to always play the “leader” in your relationship, sometimes it is a mind opening experience to follow. But onto today’s subject, trust in the process. You have to call the truth to yourself, and command honesty. I expect everyone to be honest with me, but I know that is unrealistic. Go with your gut feeling because you will know when someone’s lying to you. Sometimes things happen because you are to learn a lesson. For example, I used to be really close to one of my peers. I talked to her about lots of different things and she knew a lot about me. But the young lady and I are no longer friends, because she doesn’t know how to keep my business private. I have no hard feelings for her, because years ago I was in her place. I just learned early on that I could not tell other’s business, for it is extremely impolite. You have to learn the lesson, and move on. The saying “People are in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.” is true. Recall what I said about coincidences, that they are unrealistic and an illusion of our imaginations. You can learn something from every relationship if you are open to receiving the knowledge. I suggest that you are open to the knowledge, so you can learn it the first time. If you don’t learn it the first time trust me you will, do-overs are extremely real. In addition to knowing that, remember to stay hopeful. Call forth positive energy and positive people towards you. Negative people will enter your life and you are to remove them. Sometimes that will mean blocking them, physically or just on your phone. In order to go the distance sometimes you have to stop and take a break, you can’t do everything at once. Look for signs that you are on the right path. Pray. Believe. You are guided, trust me. Change is positive and necessary.


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