It’s important to be brave. We all have to remember that everything is in a divine order, coincidences are a figment of our imaginations. Try new things and allow your heart to do as it pleases. Society has influenced us to be afraid of others opinions. If you are truly happy doing something (as long as your being safe and nice to your (and other people’s) body), then continue to do it. This goes for relationships too. People don’t understand your relationships because they are not in your head. Only you will understand how you feel truly, you can use words to describe your feelings though this can be difficult if you’re not even sure how you feel. If you are in a relationship (again this can be a friendship) with someone and you both are truly happy with each other then stay where you are. Everything happens for a reason and if you are to be “done” with that person, it will happen. Look for guidance and then once you get it: follow it. I take chances, hoping for the best. I have issues with control and I tend to get frazzled when I’m no longer in control. Yesterday I let go of my need to control and I had a great day. It takes bravery to admit you have an issue and to deal with it. Let go, let life happen. If it is meant to be it will be, allow yourself to learn the lessons you are destined to learn. Take a chance on love. Take a chance on life.




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  1. Wow! that was a very powerful message! I loved it! Keep up the good blogs lol


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