Loving Yourself


What is self-love? Well basically it is deciding that you are worthy of your own love. It’s the same way you decide if someone is worthy of your love, you look at how they treat you, how they act, what language they use, and how nice they are to your friends (family too). You have to treat yourself with the same respect you want someone else to treat you with. Personally, I know this is difficult, I’m very hard on myself when I make mistakes. But, I have decided that I need to treat myself the way I would expect someone else to treat me (actually I treat myself better). I decided I was worthy, of my own love. Self-love has a lot of parts, and one of them is being comfortable with your body. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to change parts of your body, you need to acknowledge that your body is perfect for you, at this time. Loving your body and your image is really important. You should respect your body, by being gentle towards it (treat yourself the way you want to be treated). Self-love also has to do with who you allow to hang out with you. Allowing someone your presence is a privilege, not a right. You have to decide whether the person is serious in continuing the relationship (not necessarily a romantic relationship, it could be, or just a friendship), and notice if they treat you the way you want to be treated. It’s easy to love someone who really isn’t good for you, and once you realize it, it is your responsibility to leave that person behind. Sometimes that act alone, is easier than others. You are worth more, you deserve the world, and you have to go get it for yourself. Love you for you.



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