welcome, i’m glad you’re here.

i self-published a book on my healing journey.

i am passionate about equity and justice.

check out my page Black lives matter

my blog

i write about love, healing and yoga.

(and a lot of other stuff)

yoga found me. yoga saved me. yoga helped me find myself.

i’ve been natural my whole life. i started wearing my hair curly in 2015. in 2019, i cut it. click below to find out what i’ve learned thus far about curls.

intent is everything. by being intentional, i’ve literally changed my life. click the link below for more inspirational content.

i also write poetry. it’s helped me heal and grow.

my name is mayah.

i teach.

i do yoga.

i love.

and i heal.

recent posts

  • building self trust
    within these past couple months i’ve been working on building a stronger relationship with myself. as with all relationships, this has taken a lot of time, consistency and effort. yesterday i finished day 40 of 40 of walking at leastContinue reading “building self trust”
  • solitude
    i listened to a podcast today and it was talking about embracing solittitude and how the biggest thing is that prior to quarantine, there was so much time and space that would be filled. and for the first time, i’veContinue reading “solitude”
  • just a lil sunshine
    while the big storm rolled past, destroying all of what was left, a month ago, the gap in my chest was overwhelming. i was scared. tired. anxious and honestly confused. after the storm hit, things settled. it still consistenly rained.Continue reading “just a lil sunshine”

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